Mario Kart 8 Summer Kickoff Tournament!

Wednesday, June 25th at 5:00pm until 10:00pm

Summer is here, so let's get in gear! Join us at EXP on June 25th for our first big tournament of the summer season!

The format will be a four-player single-elimination tournament. The game will be Mario Kart 8. The rules are listed below! Sign-up goes from 5pm-7pm, with the tournament itself starting right at 7pm. There's a limited number of spots available, and entry is free for all seated guests, so don't get caught in last place!


-Single elimination
-No teams
-All items
-150cc speed
-No COM players
-Random course select
-4 race count per round
-All characters allowed
-All kart parts allowed EXCEPT gold kart parts
-Guests must be seated at a table in order to participate in the tournament