For Honor Tournament - 2v2 Brawl

Tuesday, April 25th at 7:00pm until 10:00pm

Excited about For Honor? Come and prove yourself! Finals on the big screen - cheer for your favourite faction!

2v2 Brawl! Entrants determine Single or Double Elimination.

No partner? Check out the 1v1 and find one:

Supported by Ubisoft Canada! Get swag related to your favourite faction! All entrees will be entered in a draw for some giveaways as well!

An EXP gift card of increasing size with how many players we have enter!
Up to 10 - $10 each
Up to 20 - $20 each
30+ - $40 each

Entry fee: $0; just buy some food and drink!
Platform: PS4 and X1

Single Match set to Best of 5 Rounds
Finals are Best of 9 Rounds
No Feats, No Gear
Revenge OFF
3 minute rounds
All Classes Available, No Bots