Trendy Vancouver Bars

Trendy Vancouver Bars

Vancouver is the home to a number of trendy bars to have a drink with friends, enjoy live music, and have fun and enjoy life.

The Diamond

This is a trendy bar in Vancouver that opened in 2009 and features performers and DJs such as Evo & DJ Hubbz, The Stunt Man, and DJ Nick Bike. The supper menu includes tasty items such as sea urchin cream risotto, short rib with potato and romesco, and flatbread with cheese and chorizo. The cocktails menu is divided into different categories – Refreshing, Boozy, Delicate, and Overlooked, featuring cocktails such as Paper Plane, Jolly Rodger, The Last Islander, and Maple Tree Square.

The Keefer Bar

Another trendy bar in Vancouver, the Keefer Bar attracts young crowds in the late evening, featuring performers such as Mark Woodyard, Alex Maher, Phil Bo, and Femme Den. The selection of drinks takes on the pharmacy theme and features drinks made from red ginseng, magnolia bark, cardamom, and Chinese rhubarb. Visitors can try snacks and food items like citrus marinated olives, green onion pancake pizza, and cauliflower with tofu or sausage. With a capacity of 72, the Keefer Bar is also a great place to throw a large party, whether a company event, anniversary, birthday party, or bachelor party.

The Shameful Tiki Room

This tiki-style lounge offers exotic cocktails, share plates, and the chance to sample 50 rums from across the world. The menu is divided into three categories - Non-Tiki Drinks, Chow, and Grog. Visitors have the chance to try interesting cocktails such as the Volcano Bowl, Three Dots & a Dash, and Hart of Gold. The selection of food items includes share plates, mains, starters, and snacks. You will find tasty and healthy snacks such as steamed edemame, half avocado with ginger sauce and prawns, and prawn cocktail with a salad and Thai chili sauce. The selection of mains includes green curry with mango and coconut rice, tuna apple avocado salad, and rack of ribs.

The Commodore Ballroom

The Commodore Ballroom is a performance venue hosting artists ranging from Nick Murphy, Tim Baker, and Steven Page to Death From Above 1979, Gogol Bordello, and Five Alarm Funk. Famous artists and bands such as Tina Turner, David Bowie, and The Ramones have played here.

Guilt & Company

This is a great spot to listen to live music, try tasty food, and have a drink or two --> Guilt & Company hosts performers and bands such as the Wooden Horseman, After Funk, Jimmy Baldwin Band, Matt Beebe, and many others. The menu includes a selection of snacks, sharables, and desserts. You can choose from tasty items such as salami sticks, olive oil crackers with Winston mustard caviar and an assortment of cheeses, and meat and cheese. You can also try delicious desserts such as key lime pie and chocolate teacup cake.

Trendy Bars That Closed Doors

The EXP Restaurant and Bar, a once trendy venue for gamers, featured arcade-style games, board games, drinks, and food. The venue was closed due to financial problems and debt from opening, rent hikes --> See Rising costs and debt made it no longer possible to stay in business.

Food Delivery Services in Vancouver

Food and meal delivery services in Vancouver offer nutritious and healthy options to people with busy lifestyles. Those who juggle between work and family and do not have enough time for cooking, meal prep, and grocery shopping benefit from delivery services. Meals are not only affordable but help avoid unnecessary purchases, which is a good way to save money and avoid splurging and accumulating credit card debt --> See

Fresh Prep Vancouver

Meals are delivered to your doorstep and feature local organic ingredients for a healthy dinner or lunch. The menu includes tasty options such as Portobello mushrooms stuffed with goat cheese, seared beef sirloin, pan seared turkey breast, and apple caramel pork chops. There are two options to choose from, a family plan and 2-person meals, both featuring free delivery. Meals are delivered from Thursday to Sunday across Greater Vancouver and come with easy-to-follow instructions.

Eat Your Cake

Customers are free to sign up for the weekly plan or order from the daily menu and enjoy tasty meals that feature organic products. Dietary preferences and special requirements can be accommodated. The menu features healthy options such as farmer’s omelette with chorizo, bacon and eggs, apple spice pancakes, and chia seed pudding. Meals include healthy ingredients and superfoods such as hemp seeds, coconut milk, chia seeds, and black currants. All meals are fully customizable and can be ordered with extra protein or vegetables or no starch. Customers who have allergies are welcome to specify the ingredients they are allergic to so that meals can be customized accordingly. Different plans are available, including vegan, paleo, and keto plans. Discounts are offered on long-term plans, and customers pay online by debit or credit card. --> See


This is another food delivery service that features meals based on locally-sourced, seasonal, fresh ingredients. Serving the Lower Mainland and Vancouver, Fuud features ready-to-cook kits and mini-kits that include carbohydrates, sauces, and spices and a diverse selection of recipes.

Real Meals

Real Meals offers food delivery across Metro Vancouver and Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, and Tri-Cities. The focus is on natural and organic ingredients that are tasty and healthy, and meals can be customized to accommodate dietary restrictions. The menu includes chilis and stews, casseroles, meal helpers, and homemade soups. Customers can choose from tasty options such as English cottage pie, veggie lasagna, and gluten-friendly chicken pot pie. The selection of soups includes twisted minestrone soup, Southwest veggie black bean soup, and carrot coconut curry soup. Customers must be present if they prefer to pay by cash. Advance payment by credit card is required if they are not available.


This meal delivery service targets customers who have embraced a vegan lifestyle. They are offered a consultation with a nutritionist and a selection of organic and gluten-free foods. The dine-in and take-out menu features healthy items such as avocado toast, berry full French toast, and fairground poutine. The meal delivery menu includes a selection of nutritionally-balanced items such as creamy Caesar salad, banana vanilla protein pancakes, and chickpea tikka masala.

Fitness Foods

Fitness Foods is a good option for customers who are on a paleo diet or simply love paleo food. Full meal deals and custom meal plans are available. All items include a combination of healthy fats, low glycemic carbohydrates, and lean protein such as eggs, seafood, fish, turkey, pork, chicken, and beef. Only low glycemic carbs are used, including legumes, yams, quinoa, steel cut oats, and brown rice. Meals also come with a variety of organic vegetables and fruits. Vegetarian options are not available.

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