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Monster Hunter's Lodge: Gore Magala Must Die!

Mar 02 2015 at 17:00 - 23:00

The Monster Hunter's Lodge at EXP is a night for MonHun players of all skill levels to get together and take down giant monstrosities for fun and profit. Join us on Monday, March 2nd starting at 5pm for our next Lodge meetup! Gather with local hunters, trade stories, fight monsters, and consume delicious food and drink!

As always, feel free to casually hunt the night away. But for those with a more competitive streak, the EXP Hunter's Guild has a special Event Quest for you.

For the first time, teams of two, as well as solo players, can enter into a speedrun competition to see who can sack Gore Magala in the shortest time! The competition will be divided into High and Low rank divisions, but players are free to enter both if they like. We'll be keeping track of your best times through the night, and at 9pm, the top team will win a prize to commemorate their success! Rules are as follows:

Format: Team Hunt (2-person teams, registered on the night of the event, can enter and compete in both Low and High Rank divisions)

Target: Low/High Rank Gore Magala

Eligible Quests: Dark Wings, Dark Work (3* Gathering Hall), Dread Locked (5* Gathering Hall)

Time Limit: 4 hours (5pm - 9pm)

Equipment Restrictions: None (All weapons and equipment allowed, up to and including Rarity 10 gear)

Reward: Prize for the top team (or solo player) in each division

All entries must be performed live at EXP during the event. Once the quest is completed, see the Guild Administrator to register your clear time. Enter as many times as you like during the time limit. Cheating, hacking, or entering a time from a 3-4 player hunt will result in disqualification. All teams must register before being eligible to enter. See your Guild Admin for more details.

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EXP Presents: Random Encounter Video Bingo! (March 2015 Edition)

Mar 04 2015 at 19:00 - 22:00

If you're looking for the most random night of entertainment in Vancouver, stop by EXP on Wednesday. March 4th at 7pm for another round of Random Encounter, one of EXP's most popular recurring event nights! It's bingo, but with a twist! We play videos,…

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St. Patrick's Day: Seeing Green!

Mar 17 2015 at 17:00 - 23:00

Come down to EXP on St. Patrick's Day (Tuesday, March 17th) for some green-themed fun! Get your green Alexander Keith's pints and Jameson shots on special, enjoy some of Luigi's best game appearances, and don't forget to wear green! EXP is open at 5pm,…

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Amiibo Rumble Arena: "I'm Really Feeling It!" Edition!

Mar 25 2015 at 17:00 - 23:00

Amiibo? It's like having a Pokemon that fights for you with a trained AI, but instead of Pokemon, it's Smash Brothers. That's Amiibo. ---------- "Personally, I felt more emotionally involved watching my Amiibo fight than I did participating in my own…

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